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"At Age 20, I was arrested for my second DUI, Brad got the case resolved and saved my sports scholarships."~~W.S.

"As a private investigator, I have worked with a lot of criminal defense attorneys, including Brad. His experience as a former police officer and skills in the courtroom make him the complete criminal defense attorney and obvious choice for anyone accused of violating the law."~~D.B.

In 2007, I was arrested for Boating Under the Influence (BUI)  in South Dakota. I had a  BAC of 0.19% which is more than twice the legal limit in SD. The case did not get resolved and Brad tried the case to a jury which resulted in a Not Guilty verdict.  R.K.

After being charged with multiple count of embezzlement Brad took on my case and tried it to a jury.  They found me Not Guilty of all counts of embezzlement.  C.?.